We’re thrilled to share that Secrets of Mother has been chosen as one of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners for 2022 in the Best Books in Fantasy Category.

You can see the entire list of award winners here.

We’re happy to offer titles by Sirrah Medeiros, author of dark fantasy, horror, and thrillers. The Cristiane Bradford series are the first publications offered through TSP.

Witches. Demons. Ghosts. Ritual Sacrifice.

As anticipation builds toward her initiation, Cristiane Bradford faces disappointment as High Priestess Sarah Killian refuses to admit her into the coven. Shocked, Cristiane learns that her mother is a practicing witch. Until the coven leader is convinced Cristiane is not involved in her mother’s dark magic and cult activities, she is not welcome.

Devastated but determined, Cristiane pursues the truth, leading her to uncover ancient demons and haunting ghosts connected to her mother’s past. A new witch with limited abilities, Cristiane struggles as she must face powerful adversaries. Cristiane’s anxiety works on her emotions and toys with her confidence. She turns to her old friends for support, and meets new ones that fill her with hope, until it all comes crashing down around her. Left alone and distraught, she has no one to rely on but herself when faced with Lamashtu’s spirit. Will she prevail over the evil that surrounds her?

Can Cristiane learn the truth without destroying her family? And will she survive as she battles creatures of the dark?

Cristiane Bradford finds that the typical teenage life that she once knew is gone. Witches and ghosts are real. Connections to long-forgotten ancestors spring up to wreak havoc all around her. People she comes in contact with are getting hurt. Without understanding what’s happening, she finds help through an unusual new acquaintance. Unexplored opportunities are within her reach, but first, she must break the curse before she or someone is seriously injured.